Xodus, Jamaica’s premier Carnival band, sponsored by Campari, hosted an electrifying spectacle on Carnival Sunday. Thousands of vibrant revellers flooded the streets of Kingston, adorned in dazzling costumes, ready to dance and celebrate like never before. With pulsating music from the trucks leading the way, the energy was infectious, igniting the atmosphere with joy and excitement. From the everyday man and woman to a plethora of famous faces from our island, they all danced and raved in the heat like it didn’t even matter. Campari and Xodus’ partnership did what needed to be done! Amidst the sea of colours and sounds, patrons eagerly anticipate what the next Carnival season will bring, knowing that with the team between Xodus and Campari, the party is guaranteed to be  extraordinary.

Campari Carnival (X) 10: Rachel Terry stunned on the road with the Campari team as she jumped with Xodus this year during the road march. 

Campari Carnival (X) 11: Trinidadian, Tshanda Figuera rocking her Campari merch as she turned heads on the streets of Kingston during Carnival Sunday (April 7).

Campari Carnival (X) 14: Jamaican superstar, Shenseea, looking magnificent as ever rocking her fiery red Campari Regency costume moments before she got the stage to entertain the crowd during road march on Sunday (April 7).

Campari Carnival (X) 15: The voluptuous Zoi Mattrasingh stepped confidently through the streets of Kingston during Sunday’s road march with the Campari and Xodus team.

Campari Carnival (X) 17: Xodus’s jumper, Anekie Powell, stood tall as she posed for a photo for the Campari team.

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