What is The Release Fraternity?

The Release Fraternity is a large group of Jamaican College students (presently enrolled), who have an interest in Entertainment and Lifestyle. The Fraternity started back in 2018 through the collection of data from The Release College Tour throughout Jamaica. The Fraternity receives its communication through weekly e-newsletters with entertainment and lifestyle stories and features, discounts, giveaways, and other exclusive special offers. 


Frat Members

Frat Members consist of Jamaican College students (presently enrolled), who have an interest in Entertainment and Lifestyle. They will be required to follow all our social media platforms, subscribe to our YouTube Channel through and visit our website to sign up. They must be currently enrolled in College as they are required to upload their Student ID to sign up. Membership will be FREE from now until December 31, 2024, after which charges may apply. 


Benefits to Frat Members

  • Exclusive Offers and Discounts from all our Frat Partners
  • Giveaways from our Frat Partners
  • Internship opportunities in Production, PR, Marketing, and Advertising 
  • Access to The Release Production and our affiliates Job Fairs 


Our ‘Frat Ambassadors’ are specially elected College Students who represent and promote The Release Fraternity to other College students as well as to potential ‘Frat Partners’. They work in partnership with The Release. Our Frat Ambassadors are active members of the Frat, they benefit from super exclusive offers and speak through their own channels on the benefits of being a part of The Release Fraternity. 

Benefits to Frat Ambassadors

  • Super Exclusive Offers and Discounts from all our Frat Partners
  • Access to exclusive The Release Fraternity Merch
  • Paid Internship opportunities in Production, PR, Marketing, and Advertising 
  • Free Backstage Passes to Select Events 




  • Do I get a membership card for use? 

Answer: No. However, you will be provided with barcodes and other specialized codes for use. These codes are usable with your College ID. 


  • Will all the benefits be available each month?

Answer: All benefits have a deadline. These deadlines will be noted on each offer. 


  • If I don’t use my benefits one month, can it be rolled over to the following month?

Answer: All benefits have an expiration date and are non-transferable. 


  • How do I know what benefits are available each month? 

Answer: Weekly e-newsletters are sent to each frat member introducing new partners, outlining discounts and discount codes, and  offering ticket giveaways to frat members etc. (where applicable). 


  • What does the membership fee cover and when do I start to pay? 

Answer: The membership fees cover our administrative labour. We seek the best discounts and partners for our frat members. Membership is FREE until December 31, 2024. Charges will be advertised in advance for Frat Members to 


  • How does one pay for Membership? 

Answer:  Membership can be paid for on our website  when applicable. 


  • What happens when my membership expires? 

Answer: When your membership expires you will no longer receive our e-blasts and all codes for discounts will be expired. 


  • What happens to my membership when I leave College? 

Answer: Your membership benefits will expire when your College ID does. If you have a new College ID, you are required to reupload it to renew membership. 


  • How can I be a frat ambassador? 

Answer: You can apply for this by sending an email to 

Subject Line: I want to be an Ambassador. You must send your College ID and social media handles when applying. 


  • Can I lose my ambassadorship? 

Answer: Yes. This will only happen if the ambassador’s are inactive and/or unable to meet their quota. This will be instructed and detailed to ambassadors when they are chosen. Other factors that can lead up to the removal of Ambassadorship are:

  • If he/she has been suspended or expelled from College
  • If he/she has dropped out of school
  • If he/she is involved in any criminal acts 
  • If he/she is inactive on social media for at 1 month and more


  • If I want more information on the fraternity, where do I go? 

Answer: Email us or call 8768335444/8766695634

Follow us on social media @TheReleaseja (Any Two Pages – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Subscribe to our YouTube Channel @TheReleaseja)
The First 200 Membership Cards are FREE however all others will pay $500 to receive a personalized card