On Thursday May 9th, New York Mayor Eric Adams issued a Proclamation to the Issa Trust Foundation

and declared Saturday May 11th, 2024, as The Issa Trust Foundation Day.
The Issa Trust Foundation will be hosting its “For the Children” Gala on Saturday May 11th
, 2024, at the luxurious Cipriani’s in New York with Juliet Holness as patron of the event.

Her Excellency Lady Allen will also be in attendance as well as other distinguished guests. There will also be performances from Grammy Winner Gramps Morgan as well as Grammy nominees Third World,
Luciano and Kumar.
The Issa Trust Foundation was conceptualized by its President Diane Pollard as well it’s Chairman
Paul Issa and is known for its work in several hospitals and schools throughout Jamaica with donation
of medical equipment and supplies as well as computers and volunteer doctors from the United
States such as the Lions of Michigan. The Issa Trust Foundation is also the charity arm of the Couples
Resorts based in Jamaica.
Sean Edwards, a spokesperson for the Issa Trust Foundation says, “There are so many people who
work very hard behind the scenes for the Foundation such as Miss Alex Ghisays, the PR of the
Foundation and Mr. Chris Panetta, the photographer who definitely play a vital role. We would
definitely like to thank Mayor Adams and his office as well as Lauderhill Commissioner Denise Grant
and Gladys Miranda of the Mayor’s Office for their assistance in the delivery of the Proclamation to
the Issa Trust Foundation.”

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