Downsound Entertainment (DSE) boss Josef ‘Joe’ Bogdanovich has a special love for reggae/dancehall music and the recorders who perform at his annual festival Reggae Sumfest. So it came as no surprise that when news broke that ‘Continent Boss’ Nigy Boy had graduated with a double Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and History with honors from Stony Brook University in New York, Bogdanovich was the first to call Nigy’s management to offer congratulations to the singer.

“Nigy Boy’s academic achievement must be applauded,” Bogdanovich shared.

“It sets a good example that with focus and hard work everything is possible. This achievement hopefully will get through to the youth, (that) no matter what background, they have been blessed since birth. Education provides opportunity, and Nigy Boy was quick to grasp that. I think Nigy Boy will continue to give inspiration to his fans and everyone who enjoys good music,” he said, adding, ” You might find my answer a little bit odd but when I first met him at a hotel breakfast room in SoHo last December I think it was because I recognized him as a brother who is special. If you believe in aliens you can be sure he is a wonderful representative. Everything about him is otherworldly. Positivity is a trait that comes naturally to him. Some say it comes with intelligence,” said Bogdanovich.

The 23 year-old Nigy Boy, who is visually impaired, was presented with his degrees on May 16 during the school’s graduation ceremony at its Suffolk County campus.


Nigy Boy is scheduled to perform on Night 2 of this year’s Reggae Sumfest festival which takes place on Saturday, July 20th at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay along side Babyface, Beres Hammond, Anthony B, Luciano, D’yani, Norris Man, Ras I, Sevana, Wickeman/Daddy Lizard/Peter Metro/Anthony Malvo], Christopher Ellis and more. It will be Nigy’s first appearance as a performer at the festival.

Speaking about the Reggae Sumfest lineup, Bogdanovich opined, “I think it will give the patrons a better representation from the young artists. The SUMFEST team has worked consistently in our search for those artists that make songs that fans relate to…ones that have topics that make sense to what they are going through on this journey. What I expect is that they will be prepared for the SUMFEST stage and perform on time within their time slot and deliver the best that they have ever done. Artists in the past have told me every year at SUMFEST it’s the best they have ever done. We deliver good vibes” he added.

Since his single Continent shot to the top of the charts and took flight on social media, Nigy has been one of the in demand artists, making stops in the USA and Caribbean events in Guyana, Bahamas, St Kitts and Cayman Islands. In February, he visited the Salvation Army School For The Blind in Kingston where he was a student. Nigy credits his current success to his approach to life.

“I have made a personal commitment to do the best that I possibly can. I’m becoming more conscious as I grow and I believe in positive thinking. It works,” he reasoned.


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