Kingston, Jamaica- April 15, 2024- The weekend that never sleeps takes over the city that never sleeps this summer, Jun 29-30, 2024. Dream Weekend will once again treat New Yorkers to a two day snippet of what is in store for its flagship event in Jamaica later in the summertime. 

In partnership with Platinum Kids Promotions and Shorblu Events, the Mosholu Golf Course in Bronx will be home to two of the featured events, World Dance and DayDreams, while the Musica Club in Manhattan will be the host of Xodus Remedy. Dreamers will be able to reminisce about the best of the 90s at World Dance, and find the remedy for their Xodus Carnival tabanca at Xodus Remedy. Culminating the weekend’s lineup will be the original all-white party, Daydreams.

“Dream Weekend NYC is more than just an extension of its Jamaican counterpart. The support we’ve received for the previous stagings have been awesome, and has motivated us to diligently curate an even better experience for this next staging. Notably, Dream Weekend is celebrating 15 years this August, as such we want to start the celebrations early, giving our international Dreamers a taste of what to expect come August 2-6,” explains Kamal Bankay, Group Chairman of Dream Entertainment Ltd. 

In the US, June is dubbed Caribbean Heritage Month, therefore, the upcoming staging gives way for Dream Entertainment to share this aspect of the Jamaican culture with an international audience. Undoubtedly, there’ll be plenty of Caribbean people in attendance, however  all New Yorkers are expected to flock to this event, giving the Dream team the perfect opportunity to encapsulate them into Jamaican entertainment.

“We have successfully earned a reputation for creating the most memorable events that have garnered worldwide appreciation from patrons. Year after year, we work towards improving on our product, and brainstorming ways in which we can make it more inclusive and enjoyable, which has seen us put together very extravagant productions. This year in NYC we are excited to see an increase in the number of people who come out and enjoy our offerings,” concluded Bankay. 

Dreamers are advised to hastily purchase their tickets, as they’re selling out quite fast. Individual event tickets can be purchased for $40 US, however they also have the option to purchase a season pass for $120 US. These can be obtained from

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