Reggae sensation Khalia releases her new single, “Addicted,” a poignant track about the lingering thoughts of an ex-lover. Produced by the renowned Reggae/Lovers Rock Legend Stevie Face, the song features a nostalgic sample from “Queen of the Minstrels” by The Eternals, blending classic reggae influences with contemporary vibes.

“Addicted” captures the universal experience of being unable to escape memories of a past relationship. The production, combines the timeless charm with the sample, creating a track that is both fresh and deeply rooted in reggae tradition.

Khalia continues to earn herself a dedicated following, and “Addicted” is set to resonate deeply with fans old and new with its soulful melody and relatable lyrics,

“Addicted” is available now on all streaming platforms. For more information on Khalia and her upcoming projects, follow her journey on instagram @khalia100.

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