Her Excellency Lady Allen has been helping The Issa Trust Foundation for 15
years. Diane Pollard, President of the Issa Trust, refers to her as a very dear friend
who really loves to help with the children
Her Excellency Lady Allen was present at the Issa Trust’s For the Children gala in
New York recently. There in her speech, she conveyed a message of immense
appreciation and admiration for the Issa Trust that has touched the lives of many
children in profound ways.
She said her journey with the Issa Trust started 15 years ago when her husband
Sir Patrick Allen was invited to a handing-over ceremony at the Annotto Bay
Hospital, where the Issa Trust donated many items including a portable incubator.
Her Excellency Lady Allen was also named in a Proclamation from the Mayor of
New York Eric Adams, declaring May 11th The Issa Trust Foundation Day. The
Proclamation also named Diane Pollard, Sean Edwards, and Mrs. Juliet Holness as
contributors to the Issa Trust Foundation.
Her Excellency Lady Allen has also participated in the Issa Trust’s Vision Mission
where they have tested the eyes of many children and given them free eyeglasses.
President of the Issa Trust Diane Pollard said, “ One of the most memorable
contributions by Her Excellency Lady Allen was securing a donation of signed track
shoes from Usain Bolt for one of our concerts in Jamaica. We had the honor of
traveling with her, alongside some of our volunteers, to the track where we met
Usain Bolt and expressed our gratitude for his generous donation. During this
memorable occasion, we also had the privilege of meeting Nelson Mandela’s
granddaughter. The shoes raised $10,000 at auction, significantly contributing to
our fundraising efforts. Their Excellencies Sir Patrick Allen and Lady Allen have
always been steadfast supporters of the Issa Trust Foundation. They have
consistently attended our fundraisers, and medical and vision missions, actively
participating in the handing over of medical equipment to hospitals. Their
unwavering support has significantly contributed to the success of our initiatives.”

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