Country Reggae music singer Wesrok (real name Percival Buddan), recently released a video for his single titled ‘Born As A Winner’. The single, which is currently being promoted by 360 Global Entertainment Company Limited, where Wesrok is currently signed, has been making the rounds via social media and other traditional media.

One fan, commenting on the newly released video for ‘Born As A Winner’, posted on Wesrok’s YouTube page saying, “Pure brilliance… Timeless song and fantastic video”. Born As A Winner’, is also distributed by 360 Global Entertainment Co. Ltd., and speaks to Wesrok’s humble beginnings, and how he managed to overcome his struggles and set himself firmly on a path to success.

This quote from the song sums it up, as Wesrok sings:

‘I was born as a brilliant child

I never knew what the future holds for me

I can’t count all the tears that fall

All the struggles though I work so hard

I never knew that the day would come

When I rise from the ghetto and the slum

Now I’m seeing the rising sun

Now the glitters and the riches cyan done

Because I’m a winner

I was born as a star…’

He has much more in store for fans in the coming weeks, as he is also getting ready to launch his new EP, titled ‘Look At Me Now’, next month. The EP promises to be a special musical treat, and according to Wesrok, fans can expect “good inspirational music, a fusion between country and reggae which is not really common or popular around, but I’m hoping that people will be inspired and motivated … look at life in a wholesome way… share love and be appreciative of who they are and where they are coming from”.


Wesrok had a humble beginning growing up in the small district of Bog Walk in St. Catherine, Jamaica. He prided his education and music and enlisted in the Jamaica Constabulary Force where he became a police officer in hopes of escaping poverty. He completed his Masters in National Security and Strategic Studies (2010) and a Masters in Business Administration (2008) at Northern Caribbean University. In 2013, he was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award in Jamaica for Community Development and voluntarily left the police service in 2014 having attained the rank of Superintendent of Police. 

Wesrok who was inspired by the sound, style and lyrical aptitude of Kenny Rogers and Marty Robbins, opted to pursue music as his career along with embracing entrepreneurship. He can be followed on his Facebook, Instagram @WesrokMusic and Twitter @Wesrok876.

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