The World Boss Vybz Kartel has released his album entitled ‘Born Fi Dis’ on Friday, August 6 which also marks the date of Jamaica’s 59th year of Independence. The 12-track album has once again solidified his status as one of the most talented lyricists in the dancehall arena. Within hours of the album release he had landed at number 1 on the iTunes US Reggae Charts and number 10 for all genres.

The lyrical genius was praised by fans globally for the track selection which can be described as ‘rejuvenating’ and ‘reinvigorating’ dancehall music. The singles all showcased the ‘Born Fi Dis’ artiste as a master of his craft making this album one of his best to date. The first track on the album entitled ‘1.7.76’, symbolizing his birthday, only lasts 1 minute and 29 seconds but set the pace for the entire album and is a fan favourite. In a short space of time the renown lyricist was able to depict his birth in dancehall and his journey into dominating and creating a global Gaza fanbase.

Kartel has never shied away from controversy, so another single making the rounds is ‘The Menace’. The lyrics read, “Menace to society, mi. True mi nuh live how dem wah mi fi live. Think fi miself, inside mi get mi strength, if you nuh see yuhself as gad den weh di sense…” The lyrics to the song points to the ongoing bias faced by the international recording artiste over the years because of his influence through music.  Fan comments under ‘The Menace’ on YouTube read:

“They wanted to silence him behind prison bars, never did they know they were elevating him to legendary status. Vybz Kartel = Alien brain… #BornFiDis”

“Effortlessly the album was worthwhile waiting in anticipation I’m just here listening to the reigning unstoppable undisputed king of dancehall while scrolling through the comment section watching the Gazanation greatest fan base in the world #masterpiece”

“What can I say mi Daddy Addi there no words now to explain your greatness forever the greatest the world ever see in dancehall your versatility is unexplainable born fi do this you motivate my mind in so many ways bro from your book to the music

With thousands of comments, reviews, and posts from fans worldwide, Vybz Kartel has gained the respect of music lovers and his colleagues. ‘Born Fi Dis’ is marketed and distributed by Hapilos, is available on all major digital platforms for purchase, downloads, and streams.

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