The Release Innovation College Tour has been rebranded and launched. The tour will offer 8 selected Colleges in Jamaica a free Tech and Lifestyle Fair and Concert under the theme ‘Accelerating Innovation in the Digital Age’. Now in its 3rd year, the Caribbean entertainment and lifestyle programme aims to educate and promote the benefits of being innovative in the fields of technology and how technology drives new inventions.

Most innovations are either directly or indirectly driven by new technology. Initially, technology was primarily used by larger entities to assist in the experimental process but with the ease of access to new and cheaper technology any small and medium enterprises can now experiment with ideas and concepts in a whole new way thus the potential to create new inventions. “We want students to create their own opportunities and to understand that now is the time to utilize the technology that is readily available” said Talisa Taylor, Executive Producer, The Release.

With sponsors such as JN Way, Lasco ICool, and CVM TV to name a few, The Release Innovation College Tour wants to leave a lasting impression at each school. Taylor added, “Technology has been a founder of new markets and with the new digital age, change is even faster than before. When new technology becomes recognized, it also drives new behaviors among people and their role as consumers, and these new behaviors can represent potential new markets. We want to be able to showcase through our Fair a whole new world for the students and even the staff”. The Release Innovation College Tour begins on the 10th of October. Throughout October and November, the tour will visit UTECH, Brown’s Town Community College, Portmore Community College, College of Agriculture, Science and Education, Excelsior Community College, Moneague Community College, The Mico University College, and Bethlehem Moravian College. For more information follow The Release on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @TheReleaseja or visit the website

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