Explores Themes of f surveillance, artistry and self-exploration

Loosely inspired by photographer Nick Knight’s 1995 editorial, and guided by his unsettling quote “The more visible they make me, the more invisible I become”, the visual aesthetics of Busy Signal’s album Parts of the Puzzle, out October 4th, examine the complex interplay of surveillance, artistry and self-exploration.

Nkosi, a St. Lucian born photographer & visual artist, used industrial environments as a stage to manipulate negative-space, creating a minimalist visual dialogue. 

Shooting from a distance was key to conveying the ‘puzzle’ motif; The focus is Busy and his versatility as an artist, which the album embodies. Social media has become a virtual feeding frenzy, manipulated andmass consumed by advertisers and audiences alike; Busy reveals glimpses of his life through music. To get to know him more, the puzzle pieces are hidden within the melodies and lyrics of his songs. The contrasting typography pairs digital brutalism with various juxtaposed logos, block text and tech camouflage, reflecting a cultural obsession with personal branding in the age of the internet.

Savannah Baker & Samantha Rhodes (a powerhouse duo with clients like Rihanna ‘Savage x Fenty’, Stella McCartney, Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, J Balvin, Jorja Smith, Kali Uchis and Sean Paul) styled the shoot with anti-surveillance inspired tech gear along with color-blocking and bold silhouettes.

Parts of The Puzzle’s photography is strikingly provocative and begs the question: how much of your authentic self must you reveal in the age of intrusion and surveillance in order to connect with your fans?

Photographer: Nkosi (Chance Nkosi Gomez)

Stylists: Savannah Baker + Samantha Rhodes 

Graphic Design + Logo: Ross Palumbo

Additional Layout: Rebecca Lovinsquy

Creative Director: Stephanie Chin

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