Dancehall's charming bad boy Spragga Benz has an upcoming album dubbed Chilliagon and has been making new impact on the music scene with Differ.


The Toddla T produced single, dubbed a 'thumping album cut', maintains a playful and catchy hook which has fuelled a "differ" vibe in the collaboration between some of Dancehall's best lyricists with a Remix from Sean Paul, Agent Sasco and Chi Ching Ching.


Fans can expect hot and diverse album from from Spragga Benz with the thousand-gon album Chilliagon, expected this year.



Spragga Benz has not left the Dancehall since becoming sensational in the early '90s,with tracks such as Love Mi Gun but made his name with breakout tracks Could a Deal (produced by Winston Riley) andGirls Hooray (Steely & Clevie), and of-course, Jack It Up.


Releasing hit after the next, early Spragga Benz fan favourites include "Hand Inna da Air, Rude Bwoy Living, No Cater, Who Next, No Fun Thing, Mark Death, Things a Gwaan, Jump Up and Swear, many of which were included on his first 1994 album Jack It Up.


Spragga Benz is widely known from the movie and accompanying song Shottas but has made great musical waves and continues to fly the Jamaican flag high, across the world, having had successes with Chevelle Franklyn duet, A-1 Lover, collaborating with rappers like Wyclef Jean and KRS-One. With tracks like Born Good Looking,Funny Guy Thing, Dolly House, Machine Gun Kelly, Warrior Cause, Thug Nature, among others, Spragga maintained his relevance in the Dancehall.


Evolving with the times, in 1999, he recorded a clash album with Beenie Man titled Two Badd DJs, and topped the Jamaican charts with the single She Nuh Ready Yet (Hype Up). The song also appeared on his long-incubating third album, Fully Loaded (2000), which featured duets with Lady Saw (Buckshot) and Foxy Brown with hit collabs Too Stoosh and later collab Oh Yeah.


Benz made his motion-picture debut that same year in Brooklyn Babylon.

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