RENOWNED international pop star and music producer Sean Paul throws his support behind a young Australian entrepreneur’s new app. The app, Break Your Lease, helps people exit a range of leases from a worldwide database of users, by finding suitable replacements to take up the leases instantly. 

The app’s developer, Richard Saville, first met Sean Paul while he was in Australia five years ago and ran the idea of the app by him when he was on tour down under earlier this year. Sean Paul loved the concept of the app and was happy to throw his support behind it, saying that “big things are coming out of Australia”.

Mr. Saville said he is honoured to be working with Sean Paul to be able to expand the reach of the exciting new app. “To have someone who is one of the biggest names in the international entertainment industry supporting an app that I created is very exciting,” said Mr. Saville.

A range of videos filmed by Mr Paul promoting the app, to the tune of one of his biggest hits, Get Busy, were posted across Break Your Lease’s social media channels this week. Break Your Lease offers people who are struggling to pay their leases an ‘easy out’ and the ability to forgo the costly process of breaking a lease.  “The app is of great benefit to people looking to leave their lease, as well as those seeking a new one quickly,” said Mr Saville.

The Break Your Lease app was coded by Jamaica’s own DJ Wade of Dasvibes now a resident in Australia. The launch of the app is particularly timely due to the rising unemployment figures resulting from COVID-19, which are putting increased strain on peoples’ ability to pay their leases. 

Mr. Saville’s idea for the practical, user-friendly app came just last year and within that period of time, he has taken Break Your Lease from conceptualization to a global product endorsed by Sean Paul. Break Your Lease is available on the App Store and Google Play. The app will expand next month to include services for other types of leases including cars, bikes, boats, and jet skis. 

Prior to developing Break Your Lease Mr. Saville launched his own business in the entertainment industry in Australia, Reekko Entertainment, a booking and management services company that has brought some of the biggest names in entertainment to Australia.

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