3 Kings Music Group and DiTruth Records have released the ‘Samba Riddim’ with twenty impressive tracks. The infectious rhythm has a Brazilian influence with a slow tempo and complimented by the sweet sounds of the cavaquinho. The rhythm marketed and distributed by Hapilos features the likes of Skeng, Jahshii, IWaata, Bayka, Spragga Benz, and Govanna to name a few. ‘Samba Riddim’ also features massive collaborations such as ‘Gvnman Spaniard’ by Skeng and Govana, ‘Badness’ by Jahshii and Jahvillani, and ‘Gunman City’ by D’Uptimis and Alloby.

Skeng’s collaboration with Govana came after his UK-based tour where we see a clear chemistry between the two. The ‘Protocol’ artiste highlights his lyrical competence on the track, complimented by Govana’s smooth flow. Both artistes who reign from Spanish Town are now dubbed as ‘Spaniards’, thus embracing the name ‘Gvnman Spaniard’. ‘Badness’ by Jahshii and Jahvillani is another fan favourite; the two both deliver an effortless flow on the track that has people singing “Di badness nuh dilute”.  Fast emerging artistes D’Uptimis and Alloby prove that they can represent amongst top acts. Their single ‘Gunman City’ has a catchy hook, with some of their lyrics now being used as street slangs.

Dancehall veteran Spragga Benz shocks his fans with ‘Dawk’. He sings

“RIP fi all mi friend who pass,

Live life free, a wey mi friends endorse

Pagans flee when me an my friends step cross

Caz we step fi kick dem dance

Fight gainst we, dat bad fi dem health

Like dem root out fi dem own heart…”

The song has a repetitive chorus, that makes it easy to learn.

 ‘Rich’ has I Waata singing about his desire to be wealthy,  

“Mek e money fi yuh mada, build a toppa home

I’m from the slum, use to rat patrol

Never have a choice, music, microphone

Mi neva ave dah type a home (no)

Nuh pool inna mi yard, a tek up gyal a type a tone

Mi guh fi wey mi waan, mi neva borrow not a loan”

The artiste further sings “Ghetto yute waa rich, rich; have whole heap a millions” and expresses how proud he is of himself being able to rise from a humble beginning.

While we can go on and on about the tracks on ‘Samba Riddim,’ one thing for sure is that the artistes all delivered beyond expectations. From songs about the ‘street’, ‘successes’, and ‘elevation’, listeners will be pleased with the diversity chosen by the producers.

‘Samba Riddim’ is out now and available on all music streaming platforms.

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