Kingston, Jamaica – June 17, 2024 – Peaches Abada, a dynamic force in the dancehall music
scene, is experiencing unprecedented success with her latest single, ‘Bad For You’. Released
under her own label, Adaba Entertainment, formed in 2019, the self-produced track has
resonated deeply with audiences around the world.

Peaches Abada, whose passion for music knows no bounds, crafted ‘Bad For You’ in an
inspired moment. Reflecting on the creative process, she shared, “My friends and I were vibing
to different rhythms, and the topic of submission in relationships came up. The song practically
wrote itself from there”.

The single has been gaining significant traction locally and internationally, with impressive
streaming numbers. ‘Bad For You’ is predominantly streamed in The United Kingdom, North
America, Canada, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Key cities such as Kingston, Jamaica;
London, UK; and Toronto, Canada have been pivotal in expanding her rapidly growing fan base.
Peaches expresses her heartfelt gratitude to her fans, praising their consistent support and
glowing reviews.

‘Bad For You’ is a dancehall anthem characterized by its sultry, slow rhythm infused with
elements of an acoustic guitar. The repetitive and catchy chorus has captivated listeners, making
it a fan favorite. “I love hearing my fans vibing to the song and singing it word for word,”
Peaches remarked. She appreciates their loyalty and is excited about growing her fanbase both
locally and internationally.

Emerging from Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Peaches Abada has faced numerous challenges in the
male-dominated dancehall industry. “Being a female in Dancehall surprisingly hindered me
more than helped me. It’s like an old-time barter system, don’t have anything to give then you
are not going to get the help,” she explained. However, her determination and the power of her
sexuality drive her to be defined by her talent, vocal ability, and lyrical prowess.

Peaches Abada is also known for her singles ‘Guilty Pleasure’, ‘Sometimes’, and ‘Bonnie and
Clyde’, featuring Chronic Law. Fans can follow her journey on Instagram and TikTok
@PeachesAbada, and on X @Peaches_876.

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