As we close out the decade and look forward to new beginnings, there are beautiful things on the horizon. Fruits of seeds sown in times past are now ready for harvest, but we must rise to meet the bounty. We must be worthy, lest we squander the the boon and make waste of the opportunities to come. For the change we hope to see, we must make changes within. This is the essence of Jah9’s upcoming album titled “Note To Self” slated for release on the 13th of March this year. The album chronicles a self thesis on sustaining mental, physical, and spiritual health and wealth. The album is available for Pre Order NOW! For those who want it the minute it drops.

I hope the tribe started the year off strong, we certainly did.

Flicks from Brightside Festival 2020.

A gentle reminder that this trip to the beautiful Kenya alongside Jah9 and Away To Africa, in March is drawing ever closer. Are you booked?

Kenya is the place to be in March 2020, as I and Away To Africa embark on the “Feel Trip” retreat, culminating in the Lamu Yoga Festival. It is a crucial time to reconnect with self as we enter a new decade. Treat yourself!

The following are available options for different points of joining the tour.

Option 1: February 26 – March 6, 2020

Option 2: February 26 – March 9, 2020

Option 3: March 3 – March 9, 2020.

So join me… Visit my website or for more all the details. Or email

But wait, we’re not done for the month yet. Jah9 will be sharing some deep reasonings with the Caribbean Academia in collaboration with The University Of The West Indies. These talks will include and center around the themes of the album like self care, mental health, physical wellness and more. The first of this series takes place on the 31st of this month at the Neville Hall Lecture theater with the Department of Literature(See above image). 

The next installment is on the 13th of February, as Jah9 leads the 23rd Bob Marley Lecture in conjunction with the Institute of Caribbean Studies. With the title theme “Turn Your Lights Down Low”, you just know some deep intellectual musings are to come!

Jah9 will be joining friend and long time collaborator Pressure Busspipe for his Dubwise Jamaica, Album launch on the 1st of February. Make sure to turn out for the vibes.

Remember to…

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