With the rebranding of The Release Innovation College Tour, The Release added The Mico University College to its list of Colleges on the roster. Previously known as The Mico Teachers’ College, Miconians showed their school spirit as they supported the expo and the concert. With several exhibitors in attendance, Miconians used the expo to network.

DJ Rich Rocc, the disc jock who wowed the crowd at the concert is a past student of The Mico along with the Executive Producer and Host of The Release Talisa Taylor. “It felt great to be back to my alma mater and give back. I know Rich Rocc shared the same sentiments. It was fun-filled, and the students were receptive” said Taylor.

While there were no student exhibitors at The Mico University College the students participated in all activities by JN Way, Western Union, and Lasco. They won several prizes and were entertained by the likes of Mr. Lexx, Macka Diamond, Big Pop, and Kim Kelly to name a few.

The Release Innovation College Tour continues tomorrow with Moneague Community College and closes off next week with Bethlehem Moravian Community College. For more information on the tour schedule or how to be a part of the movement, follow The Release on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @TheReleaseja or visit the website www.thereleaseja.com.

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