Leno Banton is set to release his newest single “Brown Sugar” on July 24, 2020, on all major platforms. Brown Sugar is a tropical blend of the sounds of Jamaican popstar Leno Banton and super-producer Jeff Kaale from Kenya. On this track, Banton turns all his focus and attention on charming the ladies. ” Mr. Loverman” is what he calls himself as he describes himself as the best person for lovemaking. 

Brown Sugar is filled with multiple ranges of harmonic vocals from Banton that captivates listeners to pay keen attention to what he is saying. Jeff Kaale worked magic on the instrumental; it has a very hypnotizing effect that once it starts you just have to keep listening to it. Banton says “I was playing my guitar and then Jeff sent me an audio loop through WhatsApp and as I heard it I dropped what I was doing and all I could hear was “Brown Sugar”. Then I went to my room and started recording.”

The artwork was captured by the RAAS Collective for their Cycle 70’s Magazine shoot, Purple Haze, as a tribute to Jimi Hendricks. You can find the full magazine here: https://www.theraascollective.com/purple-haze

Stream Brown Sugar here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/lenobanton/brown-sugar

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