1. What do you like doing in your spare time?


  • “In my spare time I sleep, sometimes I listen to music and have sexual gratification”.


  1. Who is your celebrity crush?


  • “My celebrity crush is Mariah Carey, I just love her”.


  1. Who is your inspiration?


  • “My inspiration in music is Singer J, Elephant man and Turbulance”.


  1. How would someone get your special attention?


  • “You get my special attention by being supportive, and motivating me to be a better person”.


  1. What has been your best/worst date?


  • “My best and worst date both happened in tandem. My best date happen when I took my ex to Canada and the worst when my efforts on the same date was overlooked”.


  1. Would you date a fan?


  • “Yes I would, however I wouldn’t let it go beyond dating”.


  1. What would you change your name to?


  • “I would change my name to Simple Pop”.


  1. What’s your biggest pet peeve?


  • “I dislike liars, unclean and miserable people”.


  1. What habit do you have that annoys you?


  • “My annoying habit is that I chat too much”.


  1. Do you ever get comfortable with your celebrity status?


  • “No, I have not gotten use to being a celebrity, though it’s nice to have person know you on the stage, it’s also uncomfortable when you can’t live an average or ordinary life”.

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