Galaxy S10+, the latest launch of Samsung Galaxy S series, was rated “Best of Test” by an evaluation conducted by PROTESTE, the largest consumer protection association in Latin America. The organization, which has been operating for more than 16 years in the market, conducts comparative and quality tests to help consumers when it comes to buying a smartphone. The Galaxy S10+ received 85 points (on a scale of 100): the highest note ever obtained by a handset in the category. The second and third place in the ranking are also Samsung devices: Galaxy S10 with 84 points and Note9 with 83.

The Galaxy S10+ is designed to meet the needs of today’s smartphone market, starting with the Infinity Display with Dynamic AMOLED screen, which offers cinematic images with brighter and more realistic colors. With the help of artificial intelligence, the S10 features performance optimization software, which learns the device’s usage and makes it work for the user, as well as the long-lasting battery and wireless device-to-device power sharing. The five cameras are a spectacle apart, including the advanced selfie camera – a cutting-edge camera technology that makes it easy to take amazing shots.

The test results prove the S10+’s innovative features, elevating the device to the top of PROTESTE’s smartphone ratings. “By being issued by the most relevant consumer protection body in Latin America, this label demonstrates that the consumer is at the center of our efforts and development and will always be our main driving force”, said Douglas Issii, Samsung’s Product Manager for Latin America.

How is the test done?

To evaluate the quality of the frontal camera, the test simulates a selfie in an outside environment. The rear camera is tested in different light conditions, with and without zoom. To evaluate the sound quality, the devices are tested in a soundproofed space, where quality is measured by making calls.

The Galaxy S10 + has stood out in the resistance category and, for this test, PROTESTE uses a mechanical device that tests the resistance to the shock, simulating several falls at the level of the pants pocket (90cm). In order to test the resistance to water, the device is subjected to drizzles, besides immersions of the product in a container with water for a determined time.

Finally, battery autonomy is simulated through a robotic arm, which performs daily tasks such as phoning or browsing the internet.

“We evaluated points that are often extremely important to consumers, such as resistance and battery, for example. The Galaxy S10 + exceeded our expectations, and surprised us with the highest grade ever given in tests to date, “says Thiago Leite Porto e Silva, a specialist in technology products at PROTESTE.

Model Brand Grade
Galaxy S10+ Samsung 85
Galaxy S10 Samsung 84
Galaxy Note9 Samsung 83
P30 Huawei 83
Galaxy S10e Samsung 82
iPhone XS Max (256GB) Apple 82
Galaxy S9+ Samsung 81
iPhone XS (256GB) Apple 81
P30 Pro Huawei 81
iPhone XR (128 GB) Apple 79

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