Walking out of his home recently, Marcus Bird, popularly known as Birdimus in the entertainment industry, heard his father Everton Bird, also known as Jaaguu Peke Yanguu, the singing lawyer, playing the instrumental version of his 1982 release ‘Apartheid Lives’ (Every time a black team tour down there). He was struck by the awesome sound and immediately encouraged his father to start freestyling with him. That turned into one amazing session that birthed their newly released single ‘Touch Road Again’.  

Touch Road Again is a fun, upbeat, feel-good song that leaves your soul with hope for the time when we ‘touch road’ (resume going out) again. It helps us recapture the good feelings that are associated with different authentic Jamaican experiences that set us apart from the rest of the world.

The Birds Are Singing Again

The Birds have always been singing, except for mom who dances. Both daughters Shani and Safiya, who is the backup singer on Touch Road Again, both sing and play instruments. Marcus ‘Birdimus’ Bird, who sings, raps and plays guitar, toured Bangkok in June 2019 performing and shooting the music video for another energetic single he released entitled, ‘Bangkok’! Due to the skies being closed and the Bird being unable to fly, he set his sights directly in front of him. This song coincides with the reopening of our borders and skies; it signals the reawakening of our vibrant Jamaican reggae spirit. Touch Di Road again is available on all digital platforms.

You can listen to the song here:  https://youtu.be/FBNpJGj_9NE

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