Devin Di Dakta has always possessed unparalleled writing skills and a one-of-a-kind sound that has been breaking musical barriers since his breakthrough.

Devin Di Dakta has released the official music video for his latest project entitled “Okay” a part of Romieikon’s Channel 28 compilation.

The Channel 28 which features familiar acts, Deeclef, Jae Prynse, Kacique, Xx3eme and a first ever Knaxx. The entire compilation was released in March 2022

The official music video and audio were made available for immediate consumption at midnight, Friday March 25th on all digital streaming platforms.

Since being released, Okay has debuted on the Reggae Apple Music charts for several countries. Including the USA, Finland, Russia, Austria and Germany, while copping major international airplay.

Stream the official music video via Devin’s official VEVO.


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