Jamaican social media influencer turned recording artist, Delly Fever, has released her second track for 2024 called “Face Card”. It was produced by Chambah for his Silverbirds Records label. On June 15, 2024, “Face Card” debuted on iTunes, giving Delly Fever her first iTunes hit. Though it’s been out since May 30th, Delly Fever doesn’t mind the pace of it breaking onto the charts. She’s just happy that it even did!

Face Card” debuted at number 31 on Saturday afternoon and made an upward trajectory, settling at 11th by 10pm. In an Instagram post later that night, Delly Fever revealed her accomplishment in shock and thanked her followers for the support. She confessed to this writer that when she and Chambah saw “Face Card” rise to 11th place, they felt an overwhelming sense of “my time is coming.”

I always felt I was destined for greatness but just never knew when stardom would come. Coming from a theatre background, the acknowledgement of my work was very rewarding from the TV screen to stage plays, but the recognition with my music is even greater. I feel a sense of purpose and strong attachment to my artistry.”

The US-based Delly Fever transitioned from social media influencer to music because of her love for the arts. She began her career in musical theatre and fell in love with the aspect of expressing one’s self through works of arts. In theatre arts, a scriptwriter writes the scripts for her to perform. In music, she writes her own. Delly Fever started writing music in 2021 and the idea of creating a body of work that had her own stamp on it felt absolutely rewarding and heartfelt.

It felt like me in word form. It felt like my own.”

Face Card” is a dancehall track with a heavy hip-hop influence that speaks about her being ahead of the competition in every aspect. Her music has hip-hop elements, as well as dancehall infused together. 

This mixture is a true reflection of who I am and the culture I was raised in.”

Delly Fever wrote “Face Card” in a time of dismay. She had much going on in her private life, events ranging from postpartum depression to falling out with close friends. The turmoil she had experienced at the time was very overwhelming. Instead of resorting to anger, and still needing a sense of release, Delly Fever turned those emotions into what she calls “hot gyal” energy. Postpartum depression can lead to questioning one’s beauty, self-worth, self-esteem and Delly Fever wanted a song that would deem her beauty notorious. 

No matter what people had to say about my appearance, I had a sense of ‘I will triumph.’ That is ‘Face Card’. Hence the line: “My face card never declines.” Each line was written as a jab to imitate what one would say to a hater. Each line had a sense of ‘victory’, a victory deeming you to be that girl with the power.”

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