Recording artiste/dancer Crazyhype is flying the Jamaican flag high in Berlin, Germany. Despite the challenges faced due to COVID-19, he was able to perform on several club shows inclusive of the notable, ‘Dancehall Madness’ in Denmark Copenhagen. The ‘MVP’ artiste performed singles such as ‘PiCatchU’, ‘Smoke’, and ‘DND (Dance Never Dies)’,all of which were well received by his international fan base.

Crazyhype founded his own dance group called ‘MOB’ in 2006 and held the number 1 spot from 2007 – 2012. His most popular singles include ‘MVP’, and ‘Brace’ featuring Oceana and ‘PiCatchU’ which caught the attention of Universal Records France. In 2020, he released a mini movie for his single ‘Father Forgive Me’.

The artiste is now gearing up to release his 11-track album. The album will feature ‘Break The Lawz’, ‘Don’t Trust’, ‘Run’, ‘Raggamuffin Man’ featuring Bay C, ‘Trending’, ‘Adidas’, ‘HWIS (Happy When I Smoke)’, ‘Whine Slowly’, ‘Life Is So Corrupt’, ‘DND (Dancing Never Dies)’, and ‘Jamaica’. The first single, ‘Break the Lawz’ along with the official music video shot in Belgium by his Manager/Video director Ohxigenes will be released on March 18 which is also his birthday. “All the songs on this album are produced by Alonzo Fibonacci except Whine Slowly which was produced by both Fibonacci and Dead Rabbit. The album has a 90s vibe with a modern twist and there is something for everyone especially those who love Jamaica and its authentic Reggae/dancehall culture” said Crazyhype.

The ‘DND’ artiste’s next performance will be at the Privatclub Berlin on March 18 for his Birthday. He is now gearing up for his Caribbean promotional runs.

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