Reggae and country music may not be too far off with the emergence of ‘Country Reggae’ music in the 50s. Some believe the reggae influence infiltrated Southern music by Jamaicans who would often participate in the farm work programme in the United States. ‘Country Reggae’ is described as the ‘rhythm and blues of New Orleans and other southern states with a mix of Jamaican sound system’. Former Superintendent of Police, Percival Buddan, now stage name ‘Wesrok’ is one of the unique few who reside in Jamaica but has decided to pursue a career as an entertainer focusing on this emerging genre.

The current singer-songwriter and producer turned many heads with his choice of music. Wesrok who grew up in the small district of Swamp Lane in Bog Walk, St. Catherine was dubbed a young ‘Kenny Rogers’ and was influenced by the likes of Kenny along with Marty Robbins and Charley Pride. His first official video was released in August of this year called ‘Looking Back’ which sees Wesrok walking along a railway with his guitar. The single can be described as ‘mellow’ and ‘reflective’ and a clear fusion of reggae beats with country lyrics and tone.

‘Looking Back’ received tremendous support locally and helped to secure a growing fanbase for the artiste. “I had the opportunity to commence my media runs in Jamaica and was well received by media personalities and disc jocks alike. For me, the experience was fruitful, and it showed me that there is a love for this genre of music in the Caribbean” said Wesrok. Another video set to be released this week is that of the single ‘Poor Country Boy’ directed by Nordia Rose under the 360 Global Entertainment Ltd.

‘Poor Country Boy’ speaks to Wesrok’s humble upbringing, ballads from his mother, and his experiences throughout his life that molded him into the man he is today. He shared, “We struggled, but my family was resilient and self-motivated, so we pushed through. My songs reflect the trails, and victories endured. My music is therapy so when I compose my lyrics it’s personal and relatable so it can invoke a sense of empowerment and drive in others”.

Wesrok enlisted the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in 1991, during which he completed two master’s degrees in Business Administration and National Security and Strategic Studies. In 2013 he received the Prime Minister’s Award for Community Development and in 2014 he voluntarily left JCF after almost 27 years in service. He is now an entrepreneur and a multifaceted entertainer.

His music catalog is available for streaming, download, and purchase on all digital platforms. Wesrok can be followed on his Facebook, Instagram @WesrokMusic, and Twitter @Wesrok876.

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