Blvk H3ro (pronounced Blak Hee-roh) today releases a blazing new single ‘Tunnel Vision’ and an inspiring new remix video for his rousing reggae anthem ‘Feet Don’t Fail’.

On ‘Tunnel Vision’ Blvk H3ro teams up with longtime creative collaborator Bussweh (Leon-Pierre Answer) for a bass-heavy lyrical showcase that highlights each artiste’s distinctive skill set. Produced by Takunda, the track offers a refreshing interpretation of modern Jamaican Dancehall delivered by some of the genre’s most promising creators.

[Cover Art by Centrum Creative]

“In these tough times with so many energies competing to stray I from the right path these words were sitting on I spirit for a long time until Takunda and Bussweh sent this fire beat. We’ve been creating music together for years, before I even realized I was Blvk H3ro, so this was just a natural process that gave us some magical results!”, the singer explained.

[Cover Art by Bastian Kladny]

Friday, September 20, 2019 also marks the release of the official music video for ‘Feet Don’t Fail [Lotus Minds Edit]‘ a groovy electronic remix of the lead single from Blvk H3ro’s 2019 debut album ‘The Immortal Steppa‘ already being hailed as one of the most innovative albums of 2019.

The song was produced by Lotus Minds, a production team out of Germany that previously collaborated with Blvk H3ro on ‘Mama’ a popular song from his debut album. The music video was produced and directed by Bastian Kladny of Lotus Minds and combines archival footage of the black liberation struggle with Blvk H3ro’s performance in the original ‘Feet Don’t Fail’ music video directed by Robin Chin & BP Welsh.

‘Feet Don’t Fail’ is a song that continues to move people all over the globe, and so it was only right for us to keep finding ways to get the message out to the four corners of the earth by experimenting with different sounds and visuals. Bastian is a genius producer I met while on tour in Europe a few years ago and we really clicked and made sure to keep the link strong!”, Blvk H3ro shared.

‘Tunnel Vision’ and ‘Feet Don’t Fail [Lotus Minds Edit]’ are now available worldwide.

Listen to Blvk H3ro – ‘Tunnel Vision’ ft Bussweh here:

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