Blvk H3ro releases ‘Cashew Tree’, a pulsating neo-dancehall track produced by Drum Fingerz. On this fast-flowing song Blvk H3ro sends a timely reminder to his peers of his status on the mission. Gritty in parts yet still keeping with his signature pattern, the bass-heavy riddim and infectious hook will have you humming along and bopping your head at the same time.

‘Cashew Tree’ is aided by an epic visualizer Directed by Two Fold Creative Studios. In this simplified music video we see Blvk H3ro performing the song largely in silhouette against a stark background, and through this effect the feeling of song is brought to life on the screen.

“This is one of many collaborations on the way with Drum Fingerz!”, the artiste shared. “For this song I was thinking a lot about how life flows, like a river or like the cycle of the trees. So with a cashew tree it can only bear when the time is right, no matter how it might look like dem ready right now!. So that’s really what I’m saying in the song, inna my own style of course!”, he declares.

‘Cashew Tree’ is available on all music platforms Friday Oct 25, 2019 and the accompanying visualizer will also premiere on YouTube the same day.

View ‘Cashew Tree’ Visualizer here

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