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5 Star releases his awaited single, “Govern I Path” on February 7, 2020. On this somber track, the reggae artist encourages his listeners to stay strong on the path of righteousness. 

Produced by Sonovic from Izreal Records the roots rock sound features a striking drum pattern, captivating guitar riffs, and a riveting bassline. Flowing on the instrumental, 5 Star weaves his lyrics with rhymes and a conscious message. “Govern I Path” makes listeners nod along to the music, and in agreement with the lesson.

5 Star spits lyrics from his heart, with his conviction that His Imperial Majesty and Empress Menen guide him through his tribulations. “Govern I Path” is a reminder to live life in the most ‘upful’ way. From the stern life lessons and the audible blows against a careless lifestyle. The icing on the cake is through the guidance of Rastafari. Like a decadent treat, 5 Star leaves you wanting more of his music after listening to this track. 

“Govern I Path is really inspired by certain tribulations and obstacles that I face personally and what I’ve seen other people go through as well… And essentially how my spirituality has helped me to overcome obstacles in my life and how it has comforted and strengthened me, even in the midst of the tribulations.” -5 Star

5 Star

Sons of Liberty Music Group

“Place principle above all else.” – H.I.M. Haile Selassie I

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