1. What do you like the most about New York?

Sheldon’s Response: “I love the feeling like you can accomplish anything in the city of New York, and I love the busy vibe of New York. Lastly, I love that every type of people can move in an inclusive manner in New York”.

Everton’s Response: “Poo Puku Poo Puku Poo! New York right now has decriminalized Marijuana hahaha! I have been waiting for New York to catch up for a long time now. So, I love that”.

2. Where are the top 5 places you like in New York?

Sheldon’s Response: “I love Brooklyn, New York. I love Queens, New York and I love Manhattan, yes, I am a fan. I went to Long Beach; I went there with my son. Long Beach was good. I took him to Coney Island; Coney Island was a wicked experience. The thing about New York is the feeling of wealth and affluence; the hustle and bustle of the City but it has that feeling like, when Alicia Keys sang her song, saying its a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do here in New York”.

Everton’s Response:Manhattan because it’s just clean and full of lights. Brooklyn, because I have a lot of family there. Nice family vibe, barbeques and fish fry etc. Bronx because of an experience, not necessarily the best experience but very memorable. I underestimated the gangster level of it hahaha! But I had some awesome football games in the Bronx. Queens cause of the ladies hahaha! Lastly, I love JFK Airport because every time I come here – they give me that intense search hahaha! I think they really dig me”.

3. What is your best New York experience?

Sheldon’s Response: “To be honest one of my best New York experiences is the Global Citizen event, I attend this event like every year and I’ve seen Rhianna Live, I’ve seen Kendrick Lamar Live, I’ve seen Pharrell Live, I’ve seen Stevie Wonder Live, I’ve seen Chris Martin from that group Live, I’ve seen alot and I’ve seen Janelle Monáe Live here in New York. So, one of my favorite things is to see the concerts that are held here in New York and it always some top line concerts, the venues are always amazing and the sound always good”.

Everton’s Response: “My best New York experience is experiencing and seeing snow for the first time in real life and that was like three and a half years ago. I’m a big man and I didn’t get to experience the snow, until a few years ago so I was just dancing jete ballet in the streets. Is like what is this? snowflakes hahaha!”

4. What’s your favorite food to eat while you’re in New York?

Sheldon’s Response: “I’m a vegan sometimes, most of the time: hahaha. For quite a few years now, I like to search out some vegan restaurant but even more, so I like Ethiopian food. I prefer Washington DC’s Ethiopian restaurants, but New York is second, where Ethiopian restaurant is concern yea man”.

Everton’s Responses: “I am a down to earth youth, so I love the Falafel Shops, the mobile ones. I love the falafel wraps with extra pepper. I am really a ‘flexiterian’, I don’t mind vegan food”.

5. Name one thing you must pack when going on a New York Trip

Sheldon’s Response: “Alright depending on the weather, please if it’s any time like from dem time yah (October) going into the winter, chards of glass will hit your face if you don’t wear the proper attire. Please wear warm clothing, mi nah guh stress it enough. It happened to mi, a brethren did have to rescue mi with a coat one time”.

Everton’s Responses: “Me personally I don’t leave it, ma grater! Anytime you hear that sound its mento, I don’t leave my grater, my toothbrush, and my coconut oil”.

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